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All Retailers and Suppliers on a single platform

find all your suppliers

All your suppliers on one platform.

Whether you are a small shop, mini mart, supermarket or you want to buy things in bulk. Dukaa is your supplier marketplace. Find  your supplier, order what you need, and have it delivered to your business premises. 


Track deliveries in real time.

Know when your orders are enroute, call your delivery contact if need be. Rate your delivery, report any challenges, your feedback counts in improving service delivery to you.

Find all suppliers

Single marketplace to find all your suppliers.

Order conveniently

Make orders conveniently, make orders whether your supplier is physically open or not.

Find market offers

Find discounts and market offers, know which products are on promo, maximize your profits.

Track delivery real-time

Know when your orders are enroute, communicate with delivery teams seamlessly.

Download receipts

Download digitial receipts for all your orders and payments.

Rate suppliers and delivery

Communicate directly with your suppliers, rate your deliveries. Your feedback counts in everything we do.

inclusive marketplace

An inclusive marketplace connecting everyone ...

Inclusive and transparent marketplace that is connecting everyone to empower business.